Milele Family Homes Update

January 2009

Thanks to donations from friends of Milele,construction on the second house on the Kahawa property has begun. Concurrently, Milele is in the process of digging a bore-hole and bringing electricity into the property so that when a couple is obtained hopefully within the next few months, the Milele Homes Project can finally kick off. Thank you foryour continual support. Click here for photos.

October, 2008

This November, Milele is leading a team together with the American Foundation for Children with Aids to Kenya to build the second house. This home is to be rented out in order to provide consistent income to support the first family that Milele welcomes into the home below.

In the next couple of weeks, Oasis Counseling center in conjunction with the International Justice Mission (Kenya), will begin screening married couples who have the desire to adopt AIDS orphans. From these couples, Milele will get one couple who will serve as the first parents in this radical pilot project.

Continue to pray for us as we raise awareness to the AIDS pandemic that continues to wreak havoc amongst our own.


February, 2008

The Milele house is complete. We are now praying for funds to

drill a bore-hole and to bring electricity into the compound. Click here for photographs.

In July 2007, we partnered with friends of ours in Georgia to build a home for orphaned children in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Named "Kathi's house", the home was dedicated to the Kathi Gruber, a wife and mother who lost her battle with cancer. Her husband David was a main contributor to the project. Click here for photographs.

December 3, 2007

Our first Milele home is going up! (See pictures below). Thank you for all your support, love, dedication and belief. We still need about $10,000 to employ an agency to interview and screen the home’s potential parents and to furnish the house. Please continue to pray for us and bless us as we strive to uphold our true faith as exemplified in James 1:27, “… religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows …”

Milele Family Home #1 - Pic 1

Milele Family Home #1 - Pic 2

Milele Family Home #1 - Pic 3









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