Afrique Launch

June 6, 2005
Saturday, May 28, 2005 – Afrique Launch, Faith Community Church, West Covina CA

I was telling someone recently that right before I go on stage, I get so nervous that the only thought in my mind is to run and not look back. So incase you see me running out of a performance you know what is happening. I have also never been good at remembering lyrics and don’t like big hyped up performances. There is just so much pressure in those gigs because you are thinking about everything that could go wrong and not concentrating on what you are there to do….I guess that is why I forget the lyrics. So going into the Afrique launch my mind was all over the place…did we bring enough CDs? Did we make enough samosas (meat pastries)? Will I forget the names of our band like I have before and will I remember to thank the people who planned out the performance?  Thank God for Grace!!!

The stage was nice and intimate so Christian could not jump around which is always an interesting sight to see him trying to contain himself. We were joined by Karis and Wes on guitars, Charlie on percussions, Ron on drums, Eric on bass, Nimo and Carol on background vocals. Kaima directed the band and Christian and I did what we do best….make lots of noise in the name of praising God “African style.” Our line up of songs included Lord of all, Runnin’, Love you Lord, Hakuna Matata, Open your eyes, Sanjolama and Simunye. If you couldn’t make it for some particular reason especially those out of state or country friends, you really missed out. Here are a few pictures of the launch.



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