Friends of Milele

Ministry Partners
Over the years we've developed some very good relationships (and friends of course!) who we wish to recognize in this section.

Union Rescue Mission Share International Inc.
The Shepherd’s Home Grace Evangelical Mission AZ/USA
Empowering Lives International Oasis Africa
Providence Children’s Home & Cmty. Cntr. Outreach to Africa
Hope for Africa  

Production Partners
We've been blessed by the talents of the following professionals:

Album Design and Print Collateral by Artesian Design Group
Press Kit Design by Studio 3-G New Media Design


Studio Photography by Bob Valdez
Concert Photography by Chris Ward
African Photography (children) by Henry Lee

Music Recording and Production by Steve Jean
Los Angeles Studio: Bendrix Studios
Kenya Studio: Kijiji Studios
Practice Facility: American Way Cultural Center
CD Replication and Duplication by Ultra disc

Drummer - Ron Lee
Percussionist - Charlie Antillon
Bassist - Ted Bello
Guitarist - Karis
Background Vocalists - Nimo and Carol

Music Video Production: Mike and Timothy Eaton – Revelation Studios

Non-profit Attorney – Andrea Wintroub
Travel Consultant: Freda Miller – Golden Rule Travel
Kenyan Merchandise by Perfection Plus Art
Online Merchandising by Missing Ink

Web Development by Studio 3-G

US - State Committee Partners

We are looking for individuals in the US who would be interested in being State Committee Partners in their individual states.

The role of these individuals would be:

  1. To be Milele representatives - A long arm of Milele Ministries.
  2. To mobilize their different communities in fundraising ventures for either the Milele Children's Homes or different charity endevors that we as Milele are participating in.
  3. To help in getting us performances in their states.
  4. To build the Friends of Milele network in their states.
  5. To identify organizations with whom we can partner to further their causes.

Prayer Requests
We also wish to recognize you (who we count as friends also!) and hope to be one with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as we can agree in prayer for you. Do you have a prayer request that you would like us to share with our prayer partners? Email us at prayer at Please be sure to indicate whether we can share your prayer request or publish it on the site (anonymously).

Ask Milele
Do you have a question for us? Email your question to fom at Here are some answers to questions others have had for us.




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