Three years ago I had the opportunity of meeting Milele. It was one of those God arranged meetings. I am the president of a foundation that raises money to support a Christian orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya. Milele performed at our first fundraiser for the orphanage. Their music, spirit and personal testimony helped our event to be a tremendous success. They were struggling artists, but at the end of the evening they donated back their fee for the evening.
Since then they have performed at another one of our fundraisers, and have endeared themselves to our donor base. When they come to Phoenix we have people who fight for the privilege to host them!

As they travel around the United States they have spoken to countless people about our ministry. Their Music touches the soul. Milele has embraced Jesus ministry to help the poor, underprivileged and down trodden. I count it a blessing and an honor that they are apart of our success as a ministry.

If you haven't heard them you are missing a blessing!

Peggy Johnson
President GEM AZ/USA















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