Milele Ministries is dedicated to making great strides towards realizing change in Africa and especially in Kenya, our country of origin. We have embarked on a campaign to spearhead change, with specific regard to the AIDS pandemic that continues to decimate our continent. The spread of AIDS has continued to escalate the poverty level by the demise of the productive generation, leaving behind young children or elderly people who cannot provide for even their most basic needs. The statistics are staggering:

  • Nairobi has 3 million inhabitants
  • 55% of Nairobi inhabitants are below the poverty level
  • 65% of Nairobi lives in slums
  • 70% of Kenyans are under 30 years old
  • 2.7 Million people are HIV positive, from a population of 30 Million
  • 700 Kenyans die every day from AIDS-related causes
  • Over 3 million children in Kenya have been orphaned by AIDS

Despite AIDS killing more than the equivalent of the entire city of Nairobi in only a decade, the church is not playing the pivotal role that it could. Although 80% of Kenyans claim to be Christian, there is little community involvement or inter-church partnership to tackle major issues like AIDS. Young people are leaving the church, saying worship is not relevant. Indeed it is not, if worship does not result in tangible steps taken to mitigate poverty. Crusades, featuring both local and international pastors, are often an end in themselves and are not meeting tangible needs of the people.

The Objective 

It is in this light that we propose to host a free concert in Nairobi on the 7th of January 2006, targeting an audience of 10,000 at the KICC Plenary Hall. The concert will achieve several goals:

1. To educate and raise awareness using music

The universal language of music is a powerful tool to communicate a targeted message across a broad spectrum of people of different ages, tastes and socioeconomic backgrounds. Musical artists have a far-reaching pulpit - and a responsibility to use that voice to make positive social change.

     We as Milele want to harness the publicity that will result from the launch of our latest album, Afrique, and combine forces with other local prominent musicians so that together, we can unite in one voice to raise awareness about AIDS prevention. Because of our different musical styles, we can reach a much larger and more diverse an audience and target many who need to hear about AIDS prevention and abstinence. Likewise, we will reach many in the middle- and upper-classes who will have the opportunity to participate in poverty reduction on a number of levels.

     Some of the artistes we will feature include: Eric Wainaina, Kevin Wyre, Esther Wahome, Davidson Ngibuini aka ‘DNG’ and Roughtone. These accomplished leading musicians in Kenya are willing to avail themselves for the concert so as to raise awareness for AIDS.

     Besides well-known artistes, local children affected by AIDS will join in raising awareness. Homeless Children International – Kenya1 and The Shepherds Home Children2 have graciously accepted our invitation to bless this event with their presence by joining us in performing some of the songs at the concert. HCI-Kenya has just launched two CDs and will perform original songs the students have composed. We believe these partnerships will resound in the hearts of the Kenyan people as they witness first hand the results of investing in the lives of such children.

2. To emphasize abstinence as the preferred method of prevention of the spread of AIDS

We believe that abstinence is the best avenue of curbing the spread of the HIV virus. The dangers of unsafe sex are manifold, not to mention the spiritual wounds of premarital sex. To promote this message in 2001 we partnered with the Catholic Church in a concert dubbed “True Love Waits”, held at the KICC plenary hall. We experienced great success as we witnessed over 3,000 young people pledge to abstain until marriage.

We are eager to follow this up in January with other musicians and churches to reach a larger audience.
     A number of churches across multiple denominations will participate in planning and prayer, as well as discipleship for those who make a pledge of abstinence or accept Christ. This therefore will be unlike other typical crusades in both its message of worship leading to tangible service and personal holiness, and in its interdenominational involvement with the local church.

3. To offer immediate practical assistance to victims of AIDS and subsequent poverty

Many Kenyans have taken a back seat in philanthropic causes for too long, citing a lack of monetary resources. However, this reason is not sufficient. Los-Angeles Times Journalist Ravi Maharaj, in an article titled Living on Pennies3, cites that the residents of Kibera4 are destitute due to the lack of basic needs: food, water, shelter, clothing, and items such as shoes, blankets etc. Clearly inroads can be made into these needs with very small financial contributions, everyone taking only a small piece of the problem.

With this in mind, the cost of entry to our concert will be small material donations: non-perishable food items, blankets, clothing, shoes and other charitable items. This will be a pre-requisite to gaining access to the concert. We will not collect a gate fee as is common. Instead, these items will be collected and later distributed to those in the immediate area of Kibera who have the greatest need. Oasis Africa5, a local counseling center, will oversee the equitable distribution of the donations to ensure a smooth process with transparency and accountability.

4. To facilitate longer-term opportunities for continued participation from audience members to cross socio-economic barriers and make inroads into AIDS and poverty reduction

Attendees will be registered so that they may be invited to help distribute donations, to give them the opportunity to witness first hand the needs of the people of Kibera and connect with them as they serve them. Participants who want to make a further step can choose to “adopt” a family in the area to be able to befriend them and to offer future assistance as needs arise.

Further opportunities for more personalize and longer-term involvement will also be featured during the concert. This venue will be the launch the Milele Family Homes Model. This is a relatively different approach from the institutionalized orphanage model that is more prevalent in Africa.

     Milele Family Homes is not just a stand-alone organization but is leading a movement within Nairobi of foster care. The premise of Milele Family Homes is that while there are a vast number of orphans, there is an even greater number of healthy homes that could welcome them and help raise them. The extended family in Kenya is overextended due to the scourge of AIDS; thus, we must enlarge the concept of family to include those who are not our biological children but nevertheless our responsibility as active Christians.

With the Milele Family Homes Model, we believe a family context, with personal parental nurture, best serves the needs of the individual child. Such a setting furthers the growth of the whole child, eradicates the stigma of being in an institution. Children will attend regular private schools, ensuring a conducive environment for them to become the best they can be.

We recognize that foster care is a new and radical concept for most families. They will likely be unable to immediately make a lifetime commitment to a child. Therefore, we have partnered Homeless Children International – Kenya who have a short-term foster-care program for their youth. Through HCI-Kenya’s leadership program, they place children in month-long foster home visits over school holidays. Families will have the opportunity to “try out” foster care. From these experiences, parents can make a more informed lifetime commitment to foster a child.

     The challenge of finding foster parents, who will endeavor to take on such a lifetime commitment, will be undertaken by Oasis Counseling Center, the local branch of Oasis Africa. They will conduct a rigorous and extensive screening process to ensure that we get the right people for this most important ministry.

Such a model, focusing on a smaller number of children but on high quality, will produce a generation of families that would have otherwise not existed and a generation of leaders who have not been stolen by AIDS. Beginning with a small number of families, we will create models of how simple it can be to bridge the gap between stable families and orphans through bringing these communities together under one roof. As this movement grows, it is our prayer that it would generate more high-quality foster care programs.

Budget Estimates

A copy of the full budget breakdown is attached. In sum, the budget is as follows, quoting in Kenya Shillings and using the exchange rate of KES 73.4:$1.00USD rounded to the nearest dollar:


Value USD

Value KES

1. Venue



2. Sound



3. Advertising



4. Transportation within Kenya



5. Transportation to Kenya



6. Miscellaneous



7. Contingency







We are asking the artists involved to donate their time and efforts, though for some we may need to budget their expenses. This is reflected in the contingency. For the concert we will bring three members of Milele from the United States as well as two musicians. If congregation members would like to donate frequent flyer miles this will help us to reduce costs significantly.

     We hope that we might partner with you in this exciting undertaking. We need prayer, and would ask that you keep us as well as these plans in your prayers. We yearn to see youth commit themselves to the Lord and to abstinence, and to see adults and families open their hearts and

     Homes as they become more personally engaged in the alleviation of suffering of AIDS orphans and the poor affected by AIDS.

Beyond prayer, we would welcome your financial investment in this Kingdom-building undertaking. Milele Ministries is 501(c) 3, tax ID number: EIN-270052928 and offers tax-deductible donations. A full report of the event and accounts will be prepared following the event.

     Besides blessing those in Kenya, we would like to bring the experience back to your church through testimonies and video, to involve people here more intimately with what the Lord is doing there. A company in California, Revelations Studios, has donated their staff and crew for this purpose.

Kindly consider sharing this with partnership opportunity with the pastoral team and the congregation.

Thank you for your continued partnership in the gospel.

Yours in Christ,

Christian K. Mungai

Director of Missions

Milele Ministries, Inc.

For further information or questions please contact:

In the US  

Christian Mungai

Director of Missions

Tel: 626-488-6406

In Kenya

Carol Kioko

Events Manager


For more information on the Ministry of Milele please visit .

1 HCI-Kenya is a local Christian non-profit organization working with children affected by HIV, focusing on those who have found their way to the streets. They work long-term and holistically with such children to raise them as Godly leaders in diverse professions. They currently care for 6 College students, 64 youth in secondary school and 120 children in primary school. Their robust leadership program helps give children opportunities to discover and develop their talents.

2 Shepherds home is a local non-profit organization that was opened in March of 2003 in the slums of Nairobi Kenya. More than 20 young girls are now under the care of loving, nurturing and highly skilled individuals. When the children leave, they will have the love and spiritual healing they need to face the truth about what is happening in their country. And more importantly they will be empowered with the knowledge they will need to lead following generations in the “new Kenya.”

3 Los-Angeles Times “Living on Pennies” Friday July 16th 2004, Pages 1-a11, a12.

4 Kibera is the most densely populated slum in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a population of approximately 1 million.

5 Oasis Africa seeks to aid those whose lives have placed them in traumatic places and raise them up to be productive members of their society. In 1994 they trained over 850 Lay Trauma Counselors in Rwanda following the genocide and in 1998 responded to the Nairobi US Embassy bombing by training 150 Crisis Counselors. Out of these experiences, two training manuals for use in disaster situations in Africa have been published. With funding and partnerships, refugee camps like Darfur are the next focus. Based near Kibera, they have the structures and desire necessary to distribute resources while offering counseling training.



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